Sign-up for MissingKidsALERT Notifications

When a child is missing, one person can make all the difference.

MissingKidsALERT is a public notification service designed to provide critical information in the search for missing children. Through this service, Canadians (individuals or organizations) can quickly and easily sign-up to receive missing child alerts through a variety of electronic platforms.

Canadians can help us better protect children. Get involved and sign-up – become part of the search for missing children. When more people know, more people are looking.

By signing up to receive alerts from the MissingKidsALERT service, you will:

  • Receive critical information to help in the search for a missing child in your community.
  • Receive alerts via email directly to your device (smart phone, tablet, desktop computer) which are specific to your area.

1 in 6 missing children is located as a direct result of someone recognizing them from a photo.


In signing up to receive notifications from the MissingKidsALERT service, you are consenting to our organization sending you emails regarding missing child cases where there is reason to believe the missing child may be in your area. To assist us in geographically targeting the alerts we send out, we ask that you provide us with the name of the city and province where you reside.

Based on the information delivered by your web browser, you appear to be located in:

If the above information is not accurate, please click on the dropdown and select the correct response.

By default, you will receive alerts for all types of missing children in your area. If you wish to receive alerts for only certain types of missing children cases, please de-select the ones you do not want to be notified of from the options below.

Please provide the email address at which you wish to receive notifications from the MissingKidsALERT service. We require this information in order to provide you with email notifications and will use the information only for that purpose.


Businesses and organizations across Canada can play a major role in assisting in the location of a missing child by ensuring notifications sent through the MissingKidsALERT service are disseminated to their employees. The involvement of organizations expands the network of individuals who receive missing child notifications. Whether or not an employee becomes aware of information through their employment responsibilities or outside of work, the possibility of locating a missing child increases when more people are involved in the search.

For more information about how your organization can become involved, please fill out the form below. We will use this information to contact you and discuss the options available.

Do you have a wireless device, and want to receive AMBER alerts via text message? Head over to the Wireless AMBER Alerts website to sign up.

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