About MissingKidsALERT

MissingKidsALERT is a service offered by MissingKids.ca – Canada’s missing children resource and response centre. As a national program of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, MissingKids.ca offers families support in finding their missing child and provides educational materials to help prevent children from going missing. MissingKids.ca partners with police and other stakeholders in the search for missing children.

Launched in May 2012, the MissingKidsALERT service uses an innovative system to facilitate the rapid and targeted distribution of critical information in a missing child case, allowing the public to serve as the eyes and ears for searching families and police. The more people who view the information, the greater the chance is of the child being located in a timely manner.

The MissingKidsALERT service:

  • Provides information on a broad spectrum of missing child cases in which public notification and assistance has been deemed valuable.
  • Facilitates the establishment of a network of individuals, organizations and businesses who have signed-up to receive notification in the event of a missing child in their region.
  • Utilizes new and evolving technologies to engage the Canadian public in the search for a missing child.
  • Is a targeted and precise notification service, coordinated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.
  • Compliments existing provincial AMBER Alert systems. While the MissingKidsALERT does not replace AMBER Alert, it can be used in conjunction with those cases that meet the AMBER Alert criteria. It can also be used in cases which fall outside of the AMBER Alert protocol.

Example of how the MissingKidsALERT system can make a difference in locating a missing child:

A child goes missing in Regina and is with a companion who has friends in Vancouver. It is believed that they will be heading west across the country. The system supporting the MissingKidsALERT service is used by a MissingKids.ca caseworker to create an alert with critical information about the child and their companion. The caseworker, in consultation with law enforcement and the information known about the case, selects the target distribution area and determines the types of businesses and organizations to send the notification to. Using this service, the poster is then quickly disseminated through a variety of electronic platforms to those who have signed up to receive notifications in the jurisdiction the child is believed to be. In this situation, that could include gas stations and restaurants situated along the Trans-Canada and Yellowhead Highways.

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