Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up?

By signing up for MissingKidsALERT, you are making a difference! 1 in 6 missing children is located as a direct result of someone recognizing them from a photo. Numerous cases have been solved by citizens recognizing the face of a missing child and reporting their concerns to the appropriate authorities.

Who should sign up?

Everyone! The more people involved in receiving MissingKidsALERT notifications, the greater its impact. In addition to receiving alerts through email you can connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @cdnchildprotect to be notified of missing children cases. Companies and organizations are encouraged to participate and ensure these alerts are disseminated to their employees.

How is the MissingKidsALERT service different than the AMBER Alert system?

The MissingKidsALERT service does not interrupt public broadcasting systems and only targets specific areas where it is believed the missing child may be.

The MissingKidsALERT service may issue notifications for all types of missing children cases, covering a wider range of circumstances. For example, you may receive a notification about a parentally-abducted child, a non-family or stranger-abducted child, a lost child, a runaway child or a child who has gone missing for unknown reasons. An AMBER Alert, however, is typically only issued for child abduction cases that meet very specific criteria. Click here to learn more about AMBER Alerts.

What do I do when I receive a MissingKidsALERT?

Make sure you pay attention to the instructions included in the alert. There will be times when recipients are encouraged to share the alert publicly, and other times when they are asked to simply view the alert but not to share it publicly. For example, in the case of a runaway child, you may be asked to share the alert only with employees and contact the police if you see the child.

What happens to my contact information?

Your contact information is not shared with anyone outside of our organization. It is used only for the purpose of sending alerts that you have signed up to receive. If you have provided us with your information in another context, such information will be used and disclosed in accordance with what you agreed to at the time.

Will I receive an alert every time a child goes missing?

Consideration is always given to the value of public notification. In some cases, alerts will not be issued through the MissingKidsALERT service where the risk to the child, searching family or investigation outweighs the value of notifying the public.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving MissingKidsALERT notifications?

To unsubscribe from receiving MissingKidsALERT notifications, simply enter the email address you signed up with into the field below. You will receive an email with a link and instructions on completing the process.

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