The Power of One: Help Us Bring a Missing Child Home

By signing up for notifications through the MissingKidsALERT service, you are making a difference. We encourage you to visit our missing children database to view the faces of missing children in Canada.

MissingKidsALERT issued about parental abduction: In August of 2014, was contacted by a father in Alberta whose 2 year old twins had been abducted by the children’s mother. Police and the father were concerned for the safety of the children while in their mother’s care. Working closely with Edmonton Police Service and the father, a MissingKidsALERT notification was sent out in the efforts to locate the mother and children. Within 24 hours of the Alert being sent out, a sighting was received through the toll-free line. The information was provided to police and the children were subsequently safely located and returned to the searching father.

MissingKidsALERT issued about runaway youth: In July of 2014, was contacted by a mother in Manitoba whose 15 year old son had runaway. The youth had never run away before and there were significant concerns for his safety. completed an online search for the youth and determined that he may have traveled outside the city of Winnipeg. staff worked closely with Winnipeg Police Service, RCMP and the mother to create a MissingKidsALERT which was distributed in a small town outside of the city. With the goal of balancing locating the youth and protecting the youth’s privacy – the Alert was posted behind the counters of a number of local businesses. Within hours of sending out the Alert, two sightings were received. Information was provided to RCMP who were able to safety locate the youth and return him to the searching mother.

We encourage you to check back with us on a regular basis for updates on success stories tied to MissingKidsALERT notifications.